You Can, Too 

YouCan2 is the crowdfunding platform for you

...that's why we made a lot of things differently

Three categories - Your choice

No-one should restrain himself. Get started with your idea, give back to your community or why not think big and start a business? We offer you all the options, so why keep looking?

be-social   Social

Help your local school, kindergarden or club to reach their targets. Being social has never been so easy 

be-creative  Creative

You have an amazing Idea and everyone loves it? Create your campaign now and let your friends and the whole world help you make it come to life

be-business  Business

Accelerate your business through the crowd. Or try your new ideas on the market without risk.

Our flexibility - Your freedom

Freedom means no limits. Thats why we are fundamenatlly changing the way crowdfunding used to be. Get your support the way you need it.


No Limits. Gather as much and as long you like. Perfect for your long term goals

  • Create a page for your club, your school, your donation campaign
  • Support those you care about for as long as like, no penalties, no fees. Just simple outreach to the social internet


You goal, Your way. You decide what defines your success  

Decide yourself what defines your success. Money? Time? Both? No problem.

  • Just collect the money you need if time does not matter. 
  • You want to get started and are looking for as much as you can get? But time is important. Just set the end-date for your campaign and get rolling.
  • Time is money and both do matter? Define both success criteria and you are ready to go in minutes. 


Full flexibility in engaging with your supporters and promoting your campaign

We offer you all the tools you need

  • Your page is literally yours. Full editor at your disposal
  • Communicate with your supporters via YouCan2, disqus, facebook, twitter...
  • Everyone should know. You have access to more than 100 social networks
  • Your identity is safe with us. Every contact remains anonymous for the creator until you decide to reply.

Safely comfortable

We want you to feel safe and comfortable. Simple to get started. Simply safer payments. And to be consequent: No penalties, no hidden costs and your supporters are solely yours.

Safe and transparent

No "gating", PayPal payments and 16 days right to withdraw

  • Safe and open: Access to 193 Million user in 192 geographies. All of that without a headache
  • We dont put ourselves in your way. With our process you will get your money directly from your supporters. Fully transparent and with all benefits of PayPal payment system
  • Right to withdraw: As a supporter you always get 16 days to withdraw your pledge, by law. No penalties, no hidden costs. Easy as a click.
  • Full control: Same rights for everyone. Simply reject an unwelcome pledge within 16 days. No costs. No penalties. Real-time.


We think getting started should be easy. Thats why you have everything you need and nothing you dont want.

  • Create your project in less than 10 minutes. Easier than selling your cloth on ebay. 
  • No artificial obstacles. We will only check if your project is legal and approve within hours, or even minutes.
  • Fair: Only our T&Cs count. So create everything from a fun project to a business support campaign. No borders
  • Of course we will support you and it will be free. Promise. 

Free for your success

Everything stays free. Only your success matters

  • Free registration via PayPal, Facebook, Google or directly with YouCan2
  • For supporters always free and we always put your project first. No asking for payments to YouCan2. Your supporters are yours alone.
  • Our success is based on yours. No penalties for any funding type. Never. 
  • No hidden costs. No special offers. Our support is always free. Always.
  • Regardless of your funding targets and set goals. If you are not succesful by your measures neither are we.