Prices and Conditions


Registration with is generally FREE of charge. For you as a SUPPORTER of any number of projects or campaigns, the service of will remain FREE and at no cost.

Cost will only occur to the MOVER in case of a successful fundraising campaign and in accordance with the major category of the project or campaign (BeSoCial, BeCreative and BeBsuiness). A campaign is considered to be successful if either the minimum-funding goal is reached or overachieved (in BeCreative and BeBusiness), or the SUPPORTER for your campaign without any condition or funding goals (in BeSocial) makes a donation.  

Creative and  Business

BeCreative and BeBusiness campaigns must have a minimum funding goal and a maximum period for the fundraising. In case a project does not reach its goals in the given funding period (typically 1-3 months including a one time extension), the campaign will be ended by, pledges issued (but not paid out) by your SUPPORTERS will be cancelled and no service cost will apply to the MOVER and the SUPPORTER.

In case your project is reaching or exceeding the minimum-funding goal, will initiate funds and payments from SUPPORTER to MOVER at the end of the funding period. In this case, the MOVER will have to carry the cost for the service of in accordance to the pricing table shown here.  

Business - Invest  for the equity and subsiadiry loans (Nachrangdarlehen) under Business please contact us

Social campaigns differ from the other two categories by two characteristics. First, there is no need for a minimum fundraising goal and second, the funding period can be unlimited and without end date. This is the case for donation based fundraising with no specific goal where the SUPPORTER can issue a one time donation as well as subscription based payments for the campaign or project. Donations are always initiated immediately (respectively 16 days after the pledge or donation in accordance with German law). Here as well cost of service for will apply to the MOVER after the successfully initiated payment from SUPPORTER to MOVER in accordance with the pricing table shown here.

In case of a Social campaign WITH a minimum funding goal, the rules of BeCreative and BeBusiness apply, but with the reduced charges for BeSocial as in the pricing table.

For you as a SUPPORTER the service of remains to be FREE of charge.

Charges to the MOVER occur only in case of successful fundraising.


Supporter - FREE


Social           3% (plus. 19% VAT) of the total funding

Creative      5% (plus 19% VAT) of the total funding

Business     8% (plus 19% VAT) of the total funding

For Business please contact us on

Payment service (PayPal & MangoPay) is utilizing third party services (i.e. PayPal) for payments. An extra cost will occur to the MOVER for the payments services (currently 1.9% of the funding plus €0.35 per pledge or donation). The cost of the payment service from SUPPORTER to MOVER and from MOVER to will also be carried by the MOVER and automatically deducted by after successful transfer of fund from SUPPORTER to MOVER. For payments received via credit cards and wire transfer is deducting a fee of 1.8% per transaction on top of its standard fee to be transfered to our payment provider partner.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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